Peer-Reviewed Publications



(Forthcoming) "Ethnicity and Altruism After Violence: The Contact Hypothesis in Kosovo" (with Vera Mironova)           Journal of Experimental Political Science


(2014) Social Norms in the Aftermath of Ethnic Violence: Ethnicity and Fairness
in Non-Costly Decision Making
.”        The Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(1): 93-119


(2013) "Legacies of Violence: Trust and Market Development” (with Alessandra Cassar and Pauline Grosjean)            Journal of Economic Growth 18(3): 285-318


(2010) “Institutions and Ethnic Trust: Evidence from Bosnia.”

                                                   Europe-Asia Studies. 62(2): 271-292.


(2007) “The Dictator Game, Fairness and Ethnicity in Postwar Bosnia,” (with Rick
),                            American Journal of Political Science, 51(3). 659-668.


(2007) "Public Goods in the Field: Katrina Evacuees in Houston," (with Rick Wilson)
                                          Southern Economic Journal, 74(2), 377-387.

Working papers

International Peacekeeping and Positive Peace: An Experimental Approach” (with Vera
).               Under review


"Social Norms, Conflict Exposure and Victimization by Violence: Experimental Evidence from Kosovo" (with Vera Mironova) Under review


"Violence and the Evolution of Social Norms" (with Vera Mironova) Under review


"Altruism and Violence" (with Vera Mironova and Rick Wilson) Under review


"Fight or Flight in Civil War? Evidence from Rebel-Controlled Syria" (with Vera Mironova and Loubna Mrie)


"Unity or Partition for Bosnia? Institutions and Support for Multi-Ethnic Statehood After Violence" (with Vera Mironova)


Book chapters and other publications


(Forthcoming) "Conflict-related Violence" (with Alessandra Cassar and Pauline Grosjean) Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Jurgen Backhaus ed. Springer.


(2013) “Social Preferences of Ex-Combatants: Survey and Experimental Evidence from Post-War Tajikistan.” (with Alessandra Cassar and Pauline Grosjean) in The Economics of Conflict: Theory and Empirical Evidence. Karl Wärneryd ed. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

(2013) "International Intervention and Ethnic Tolerance in Bosnia-Herzegovina:
Evidence from Public Opinion," in From Mediation to Nation-Building: Third Parties
and the Management of Communal Conflict, eds. Joseph R. Rudolph, Jr. and William J.
Lahneman (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013): 389-418.

(2004) “Public Opinion in Russia” in Encyclopedia of Public Opinion, John G. Geer ed.
ABC-CLIO Press, Oxford, p. 710-715.

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